Hi lovely humans.

If you practice yoga, if you don’t, if you’re interested in it.. read more. Yoga Is Vegan, which go to yogaisvegan.com to learn more, is generally the idea that if you do practice yoga then you need to clearly understand that it is more than doing postures and getting physically fit. It is of importance to understand the spiritual aspect, which Yoga Is Vegan focuses on ahimsa. Ahimsa in buddha and hindu mean “respect for all living things and avoidance of violence toward others”(dictionary.com). That being said, when you are practicing yoga that is through their culture and understanding the spirituality of practicing yoga you must understand that to fully be involved would be to be vegan.

When I came across Holly ( founder of Yoga Is Vegan), I finally was able to understand why I came across yoga in the first place. Holly published one of my posts that uncovers the truth behind my yoga practices and vegan lifestyle. I will post the link to her fabulous website where you can read my post along with many other posts. I highly recommending supporting Hollys’ lovely message with Yoga Is Vegan.

Peace.Love.Vegan.Yoga. 49035861_387020421873789_9007618649707511808_nTiffanys’ Feature in Yoga Is Vegan