Tiffany Paltauf and Joe Bonitatebus

My name is Tiffany Paltauf, my husband Joe Bonitatebus and I have founded Sleepy Pig Farm Animal Sanctuary in the small town of Redding, CT. My heart has been full of passion and love for farm animals ever since I met Maybelle the pig in 2015.

I lived in Vermont and came across a group of piglets in a small cement pit, full of mud and have never felt so upset. My gut told me that I had to find a way to help, I had to help at least help one piglet. I rescued one piglet at two days old, and raised her inside. Maybelle became my best friend. She taught me more than any individual ever has in just a few short months of knowing her. By knowing Maybelle, I learned the importance of life, love, and the endless possibilities of happiness I earned by allowing her to live a life full of peace. I have never known passion, until I realized my need to help other animals live their natural lives, and to find justice for them.

Ever since Maybelle came into my life, I met the love of my life Joe and we have grown to share a huge passion for rescuing farm animals and allowing them to live out their natural lives.
We are grateful to be living in a small cabin in Redding, CT where we have the ability to have all of our now rescued animals ( 4 pigs, 2 goats, a cow, 4 ducks, and 6 chickens).
With 4 years of experience living besides our rescued animals, I have worked on farms ever since the age of fourteen working on farms in the area with various types of animals. With our knowledge and education in this field, we want to grow our sanctuary to educate our community and rescue more farm animals.

We are so lucky to be able to share our days making sure that our animals are given the absolute best care, and we want to grow our sanctuary to ensure the safety of more animals.
That is where we need your help. We have many goals to expand our sanctuary and we are excited for this new challenge. Unfortunately, the amount of heart and soul that we put into our sanctuary is not enough.

Will you be able to help Maybelle and I’s dream come true and all of the other individuals out there that need our help?

Sleepy Pig Farm thanks you very much.

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