Hi Everybody!

I know it has been a long time since I have written a blog post on here, but it’s better late than never.. right? WELL, we have some exciting things happening around here on the sanctuary and I wanted to touch upon the Yoga is Vegan podcast!

Holly Skodis has developed the Yoga is Vegan podcast where she features vegan yogis and interviews them, which is a wonderful way to spread awareness of the vegan lifestyle. Holly and I (Tiffany) had a wonderful conversation that covered my personal yoga practice and the animal sanctuary that Joe and I have started and how they intertwine together. Please feel free to listen to Holly’s podcast ‘Yoga Is Vegan’ and don’t forget to subscribe!

For those of you that are unaware of my yoga practice, I have been practicing yoga on and off ever since I became vegan (5 years ago). At first I started practicing yoga for all of the health benefits, but when I first rescued Maybelle the pig, I started educating myself on the meat, dairy and egg industry and realized practicing yoga helped me cope with all of the horrible things happening to animals. It became my meditation. I became practicing yoga all the time, but mostly at my home surrounding all of the animals on the sanctuary. To learn more about my practice and the sanctuary, listen to the podcast! I will post the link below and enjoy!

I hope everybody has a great and safe weekend,