Every morning, around 7:15 when the goats (Betsy and Blanca) are ready to be fed.. I peak my head in the barn where Joe may be or maybe he is making coffee ( hopefully he is making coffee) and I go “Where are Blancas herbs?” and he immediately goes “I got this.” I definitely do not fight Joe with this, and go back to doing the other farm chores that we have to get done.

Blanca, one of our goats has arthritis. We have the vet come every 6 months or so to give her a shot to help with pain, but other than that we always make sure she is comfortable and we also give her herbs that we are hoping over time will make her feel a lot better.

* We are going to write a separate post on how we treat our animals naturally through herbs because honestly Joe is the herb master so he will have to write that *

So, when we feed Betsy and Blanca at the same time we put their feed in separate bowls and we sprinkle Blancas herbs in her bowl.. this is where it gets interesting. With a lot of animals, at least on our farm there is always an alpha aka the one that is in ‘charge’ or thinks that they are. That is Betsy. A lot of people would say “why don’t you split them up?” Well, it’s not like Betsy hurts Blanca and honestly Blanca and Betsy do love each other a lot, but when it comes to food.. well, Betsy just wants all of it.

So at 7:15am EVERY morning ( we need to film this, and don’t worry we will) I watch Joe in the goat pen standing between Betsy and Blanca while they eat and Betsy constantly tries to sneak under Joes legs to get to Blancas food. But Joe is definitely a pro when it comes to this task, he actually puts Betsy in time out ( puts her in her goat room), so that Blanca can finally eat her breakfast. You can hear Betsy trying with all of her might to ram her way out of her room, and Joe is trying to hold her in their and Blanca is just eating so quickly, it’s like she knows that time is running out. That her sister wants her breakfast SO badly.

But thankfully, Joe has got this down to a science and the girls were both fed and they are now able to carry on with their day.

Goats, man. But they are cute.